Week 3.5 – Done and Done

On Thursday, I nano’d. What does that mean exactly? That I wrote 50,000 words in 26 days.

And then I didn’t stop. I kept going until yesterday, when I finished the book. 199 pages. Over 56K words. Holy cow.

No, I didn’t think it was possible with my work schedule. I didn’t keep up on laundry, the kitchen is disaster and I’m waaaaaaaaay behind in website and jewelry work, but now I can focus on those today. And tomorrow. Because I’m waaaaaaaay behind!

I’ll start on revisions on this new book as well, the heroines eyes change colors, the hero goes from being a cowboy to an FBI agent. Small things like that need fixed. =) But that’s the fun of it, coalescing it into a real, readable book.

So, there you have it. And now with 2.5 more days to go in nano, do I start writing a new one and see how far I can get? Or do I start revising?

Tough call.



2 Responses to “Week 3.5 – Done and Done”

  • well done, Carrie 🙂
    I’m well behind on sleep and diet 🙁
    But I’ve also haven’t finish the novel, so so with 2 more days to go in nano I’m going to get my H&H to the Happily Ever After.
    what about if you have some well deserved rest?

  • Hey, you gotta be close right? Keep pecking away at it, and the closer you get to the end, the faster it writes!
    rest? serious? do not comprehend….lol

    take care!

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