Week Two – Kickin’ Ass

Seriously, I’m kicking ass here. Smartass for sure. =)

I’m on the second week into Nano, and I’m (as of Monday) 31,465 words in. Chapter eleven just got marked off, chapter twelve is halfway finished.

I’d thought I’d reached the black moment (let me remind you, I’m pantsing the entire thing) but when I finished it, by golly I thought of a WORSE black moment. What fun. =)

A short synopis – Cosmetics sales girl Kendall, trying to escape from three overbearing brothers, goes on a singles cruise, hoping to have a great time. Ex-FBI and computer software guru Grant, taking a week off after the death of his aunt, goes on a singles cruise hoping to find a woman ready for settling down. Things happen, and the two find themselves on a deserted (or is it?) island. Tropical storms, a group of criminals and a cat with a bad attitude complicate things just a wee bit. But after their first kiss….it’s magic.

(and fun.)

back to pounding on the keyboard!



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