What on earth?

So, I’m writing along, minding my own business, when suddenly – and I mean completely out of nowhere! – this secondary character appears. I look at my outline, no…no secondary character there.

Where had this woman come from? And considering she was over six feet tall, why hadn’t I noticed her before?

Has this ever happened to you? I swear I’m not using any hallucinogenic drugs, I’m not typing at 3 in the morning, but there she is.

Sheila. 6’4″ of pure muscle who just walked into my story.

And immediately took over. Like five pages worth – so far! I know I’m going to have to trim her waaaaaaaaaay down, but for the time being Sheila is having a wonderful time gamboling through my story, taking on a gang of hoodlums and dispensing advice.

Looks like I’d better go re-write my outline, because I don’t think Sheila’s going to be leaving anytime soon.


3,132 words so far!

2 Responses to “What on earth?”

  • Jen:


    Some stories need a Big Mama for a slapdown! You’ve got me thinking of Flip Wilson’s character, Geraldine and her boyfriend Killer.


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