What on earth?

So, I decided to try my hand at writing a YA. Y? No idea. One of the ladies in my crit group writes YA, and I love how she gets to use her humor. So, there you have it.

Except…..it’s not that easy. I mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger in my first chapter. Do kids these days know who he is? What about Michael Jordan? Do they use the word dweeb? Geek? Does your average 12 year old have his own cellphone?

Now I’m going to have to research. Darnit. My kid is 24 (too old) grandkids are too young (4 and under).

If you’re in the restaurant one day with a twelve year old boy, and you see the waitress staring at you and writing copious notes?

Don’t panic, she’s not a stalker.

She’s a new YA writer.



4 Responses to “What on earth?”

  • You’re right about kids not knowing the stars from our time. Clint Eastwood who? I’m trying my hand at college-age these days. One tool I’ve found helpful is http://www.urbandictionary.com/ It’ll take a “like rad” term and hint at something “insanely killer.”

    Also music. Music is so powerful, it gives a lot of insight to a generation. Kids sing what they feel, and other kids listen because they can relate.

  • Oh I love the urban dictionary. I learn something new there every day! Whale tail….who knew? Muffin top? It’s an amazing resource!

    Thanks for posting Reena…..poor Clint. =)


  • Hi Carrie!
    And YES! The average 12-year-old does have a cell phone. A nice one. Often times nicer than their parents phones. And they text…all the time. They don’t talk on the phone….ever….even when mom (who does not text) calls. Rotten beasts!!!

  • Wendy…lol…nice to know! Thanks for the info…


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