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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceOh spring is in the air and so are massive thunderstorms! I’m typing as fast as my little paws will go…then it will be time to burrow in and have some popcorn with Wilhemina…by candlelight! *wink*

Last week, we added a form to our site..this week, we’re going to add one to our site. Ready? Let’s dig in!

When you go to make a post or a page on, at the top, next to the media uploader is a form button. That’s exactly where we’re headed.

Woodie Knows WordPress

Click and up pops this screen

So, this is your basic contact form. With just this information, someone can contact you to ask a question, leave a comment without having your email address posted on your website.


We can customize it a bit. Click on the right hand side where it says – Can I Add More Fields? or at the bottom of the form where it says Add a New Field

Now we can add a dropdown box, a checkbox, a radio box – you name it, it’s all in there…

Here’s what I did..

The rest of the form is entirely up to your imagination.

Now click on Add This form to my Post

This will insert the shortcode into your post. Don’t mess with this code! =) I mean it!

Now when you hit Publish – your post or page will show the form.

Voila! If you need to edit your form, just go to the same Add A Form button as before and your form will appear. Make your changes, then click save.

Now, if you’ll excuse moi, the lights are flickering and the thunder is crashing. Sounds like a good night for a little woodchuck snuggling! =)

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