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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHow many of you out there are quite proud of the information you put on your blog? Go on, raise your hands.

(Woodie can only count to five, so we’ll just say it’s a lot of you)

So, a lot of you have blogs, blogs you’re darn proud of. And when was the last time you backed up your blog?

What? Pardon? You don’t know HOW to back up your blog? You didn’t even know you could?

*Groundhog gasp of horror*

Well, let’s get this put to rights straight away.

Those of you on, it’s super simple pimple. Go to dashboard>tools>export. Check All Content. Click download.

Save in an important spot on your computer or flash drive.

That. Is. It. Now why haven’t you done this before? *shaking furry head*

If you’re on Go to dashboard>tools>export. (sound familiar?) Click export. Save in an important spot on your computer or flash drive.


No excuses. Go do it now. I’ve got an entire package of carrots to gnaw on while you finish. They uh….just suddenly appeared one day in my hovel. A gift. Like Carrot Claus. Sure, that’s the ticket.

Now for those of you thinking “Woodie, darling, baby, it can’t possibly be that simple” well, it is. Get over it. For those of you wanting to toss money at the situation, or running a HUGE website that needs automatic backups that you can count on, go here..

Backup Buddy Backup Buddy is a heckuva bargain for all it does. For $75 it will cover two sites, and backup everything, automatically. A few presets on WP and it will automatically upload the backups to your server (not the best suggestion) or to an email or you can download it directly off the site in a .zip file. It backs up EVERYTHING. Plugins, widgets, posts and comments. And even that’s not the best part of the bargain, it’s that it also has the ability to re-upload your content quite easily. (Yes, Woodie had to rely on this once and it worked easy peasy)

There’s other backup plans for sure, like Carbonite, etc. so take a look around if you’d like. But first, do your basic backup. You’ll thank Woodie for it.

Now, get thee to the backup button and export!!!


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