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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceWell well well! It’s about time we got some snow here! *shaking it off my paws* Good thing I’ve got the wood burner in the burrow, or it might be a little chilly! And Carrie made me a little quilt for my bed, so I’m snug as a rodent in a rug!

Today we’re going to talk about Blavatars. What on earth is a Blavatar? It’s the WordPress version of a Gravatar. So let’s dig in. (get it? dig? woodchuck?)


Ok, right where you see the big blue W? Yup, that’s where our blavatar is going to go.

So first, lets pick out an image. I’m going to use this one. Mom took my picture last year on February 2nd. Don’t I look handsome?

Now it’s not too big, but it’s also not square. No problemo. WordPress is going to let us fix that.

Go to your dashboard, then Settings> General.

You’ll see this graphic.

Go ahead and click Browse, then navigate to the image you want to use. then upload.

The next screen will let you crop your graphic. Just move the white box around with your mouse.

Click crop image, and tada!! You have a blavatar!

It may take a moment or two to appear, but it will. It will also show up in the URL bar of browsers, and as a favicon on browser tabs. If someone creates a bookmark with your URL, it will show up there too!

Is that not cool? =)

Enjoy your new Blavatar!


Oh and one more thing …..


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