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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHidey ho my non-furred friends! It’s been raining here the past few days, so I came out of my hole to dry out a bit at Carrie’s. A little spin dry in the big white machine felt WONDERFUL! (And now my fur is downy soft too!)

Last week we discussed the LIKE button on the admin bar. This week, we’re moving on to the REBLOG button. The reblog button only appears when you’re logged in to WP. So, if you aren’t logged in, we’ll wait.

Stilllllll waiting.

C’mon Princess, the whole class is waiting! Ok, there we go!

Now everyone can see their reblog button. Don’t poke it! Let me tell you what it does first.

So, you’re visiting your friends blog, and she says something AMAZING – as of course they all do – and you want all of YOUR readers to know about it, click the reblog button.

Automatically WP will show the first image on the post, the URL the post came from, a small excerpt, thumbnails from the remaining photos used and any comment YOU, the reblogger might have left.

What happens when someone reblogs part of your post? You’ll get a notification of it in your comments – like a pingback. Sometimes you might have to approve it first, so check it carefully.

The goal here in reblogging is to share your friends posts with your other friends posts. Thereby creating an even bigger circle of commenters and bloggers to the tribe. And isn’t that what most authors are after?

But yes, it can be used for bad. But, lets not think about that now, eh? =)

You can further reblog a reblogged blog. Try to say that three times fast while dining on baby carrots! (High paw, Carrie!) It will include your friends comment, however, and not your own. If you’ve got nothing to add, then no problem! You’d be promoting the original blogger AND your friend who commented.

If you want to edit a reblog, you can – to a point. You can edit YOUR stuff, not your friends. But if you mis-spelled orangutan in the first comments section, you can change it when you reblog. Just go to posts> all posts and voila, there it is. Add in tags and categories if you want!

Ok friends, go forth and begin your reblogging!


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