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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings all! Woodie here with yet another amazing post on WordPress. This week, for those of you on, we’re going to learn how to copy a post.

Whaaat? Why on earth would I want to copy a post?

Here now, don’t get your shorts in a knot. What if every single Monday you posted a recipe with a picture in the center. And every single Monday you built your post, formatted the recipe, formatted the picture, added a special signature and foodie tags.

Gets a bit repetitive doesn’t it?

What if you could duplicate last Mondays post and only change the text and photo? Haven’t you now just saved yourself a good 30+ minutes that you could be doing something fun like terrorizing the cats?

Okay then. Lets get started.

First, open a blank post. An inch or so under the post, you’ll see this.

Immediately a new action box will open

Now you pick the post you want to copy and click the copy button. If you don’t see the post you want to use listed, you can search for it in the box above the content.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you didn’t start with a blank post, you’ll lose any changes to the post you have open.

Now click confirm copy.

In a couple seconds, your post is up in the window. Photos in the right spot, title and tags ready to roll.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Depending on your permalink structure, this could give a weird title to your post.

If you click on edit, you can change the name of the slide show to match your title, but your permalink structure will stay the same.

Now my tags have transferred over, categories and photos. If I add in new text and maybe a new photo, I’ll have cut my time to make a post in at least half.

Copy away my favorite peeps!

This is Woodie, signing off. I have a hot date and we’ve got a new crop of petunias we’re off to see!

8 Responses to “Copy a Post Copy a Post Copy a Post – Woodie Knows WordPress”

  • What a great idea, I just never seem to format my posts the same way, ever. But if I did…. Or I had .com…. Now that’s a great idea.

    • Woodie:

      They do have a plugin for as well called Duplicate Post – but it doesn’t sound like you’d need it! =)

  • Whoa, you kind of lost me on this one. I’m going to play around with it some. I know there is so much more I can be doing with WP, but I’m still a little scared.

    • Woodie:

      Tameri, it’s not something just everyone would use, so if you don’t get it – don’t worry about it! Next week I’ll be showing how to make page templates. =)

  • I was kind of hoping Writer Helper was a dictionary/thesaurus, but I can see how it can be a real time saver.

    So…Woodie…who’s the hot date? Care to share? Give us her initials?

  • This is a great feature for sure, Carrie! I stumbled upon it a few months ago and love that I don’t have to remember tags I use, etc. for standard posts or theme days. Amazing how much I still don’t know about WP. Now off to learn about templates since I’ve never used those.

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