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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHello my wordpress buddies! Life is grand here in Woodchuck Land – the sun is shining, the wind is gentle and Carrie’s got eight, count ’em EIGHT new planters just FULL of petunias right there on her front steps! Suh-weet!

Today, we’re going to add a new type of slideshow to our repertoire – Slidedeck. It’s easy to configure and looks might snazzy in one of your just-got-back-from-vacation posts!

First, go to your dashboard, then go to plugins> add new. Type in slidedeck. There’s only the one! Now click install, and go back to your dashboard. You’ll see a new button on your dashboard titled Smart Slidedeck. Hover over it and choose Add Smart Slidedeck.

I kept most of the settings, just so I could see what they looked like, and play with it from there. I clicked on save, then preview. Well holy cow. Is this just awesome or what???

A cool slideshow featuring five of my most recent posts. That is SO COOL!

I went back in, changed the slider so it would show pictures from my most popular posts and only in a few chosen categories. Then, when I clicked preview, I changed the size of the slideshow and clicked update.

Now I click on the yellow bar at the top of the screen where it says insert your SlideDeck into a post.

This takes me back to the posts page. From there, I choose the post I want the slideshow to appear in, and click on it. Now on the right hand side is this widget, and I choose Insert Slide Deck where I want the sliders to appear. I can change the dimensions here if I so choose, or feature the post I’m posting right now in the slide show.

[SlideDeck id=’2203′ width=’100%’ height=’200px’]

voila, the code is inserted for me, I don’t need to do anything else!

The only thing that reaaaaaally bothers me about slidedeck is that the widget takes over the side panel. So I closed it by clicking the little arrow, and drug it below the publish box. I can drag it even farther down (and will!) later, as it’s something I’ll only use occasionally.

Want to learn some more sidedeck tricks? Check out this website here..

Make Use of – SlideDeck


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