Lets Hit the Links – Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceYou may not know this, but I loooooove to golf. Ok, technically I love golf courses. Why? So many plants, so many things to dig up, so little time.

But I digress.

So, you’re thinking you should add some links to your WordPress site. Easy peasy. Listen to old Woods as he explains.


  1. First, add in your text. It can be a name, click here or even a website address.
  2. Next, highlight the text.
  3. Click on the link box (with the arrow) and a new box appears. Add in your URL, then title if you desire. Not required! Then check the box that says open in a new window/tab. Click Add Link. Tada!!!!!

The code has been added….click here


Follow steps one and two above.

Now you’re going to click on the chain looking link. The same box appears as in step three above, click add link, and you’re done.

This same technique can be used for linking a graphic! Highlight the graphic, click add link.

If you do not highlight text or a photo before clicking the add link button, you’re adding a link to open air. And while us chucks loooove the open air, it’s not so good for links.

And speaking of links….

Visit my cousin Gus here, as he goes for a dance on the greens at a local golf course. But watch out for the groundskeeper…he’s cuh-razy!


8 Responses to “Lets Hit the Links – Woodie knows WordPress”

  • Okay Woodie, What happens when you highlight what you want to link and it shows up at the top of your post rather than where you want it? Somehow I’m always loosing my links in outer space. And instead of the highlighted words, my whole post gets highlighted.

    I feel like digging holes in the golf course with you.

    • Woodie:

      Nancy….when I highlight a link, then follow the instructions above, yup…I am suddenly zoomed back up to the top of the post. Then I scroll down and find the link where it’s supposed to be. It’s a weird bug in WP. If you go to preview after you’ve added in the link, is it in the right spot?

      do you have trouble highlighting words anywhere else? or just on WP? Any troubles copying and pasting? Are you using a real mouse or a laptop pokey-slidey thing? (technical woodchuck language)

      do you have good claws for digging? or do you need to borrow carrie’s shovel? =)


  • LOL! My claws are just fine, but I do clean them regularly. My laptop has an added ‘real’ mouse, but you can’t have it for play. My WP doesn’t have that second little link step you’ve outlined, but I figured out if I cut and paste from the top, I can then highlight where I want it to go and it works. Funny thing though is I have to change around the HTML code given in order for it to show up. Not sure what’s happening in cyber space, but I’m cunning and I’ve manipulated it to my needs.

    • Woodie:

      Nancy…I have those same links I listed above in both WP.com and WP.org. Sometime, email me off-list, because that’s really weird you don’t have that on yours!


  • Links to videos or graphics? Shut the front door! Who knew? Oh, Woodie, that’s who. Woodie knows everything.

    Thanks for the great post. I somehow linked a bunch of text to a picture a few weeks back and it took me forever to figure out that A) I’d linked them, and B) how to undo it.

    Trial and error isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Thank the Woodchuck Gods we have Woodie!

    • Woodie:

      Trial and error is indeed not fun. Especially when one of the errors was plastic flowers! That carrie is such a comedienne……..ptooey!

  • I just recommended Woody’s posts to a friend I met at the Prairie Lunch. She’s been trying to master WordPress!! Love these posts!

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