Let’s Make a Slideshow – Woodie know WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceSo you’ve seen your friends doing it. Even your neighbor. Possibly even your cat has posted on his blog.

And now YOU wanna do it.

What is it?

Create your own slideshow in WordPress.

Pull up a piece of wood I’ve chucked and have a seat.

First, I’ll mention this only works on WordPress.com, not WordPress.org. Sorry, charlie.

Second, you’ll need to find a few of your favorite pictures to add to your slideshow.

Now, go to your picture uploader, just the same as if you were going to add in ONE picture.

Select your pictures.

Mini-tutorial – free of charge. To select a group of pictures in a row, like I did here, click on the top file, then on your keyboard hold down SHIFT and then click the bottom. All will be selected. To choose random ones here and there, click the CTRL button on your keyboard and click on each one that you want.

Click OPEN.

All files will now be uploaded. This may take a minute or two, definitely time for a petunia break!

Done? Ok, now click on SAVE ALL CHANGES.

Waaaaaaay at the bottom of the next screen, it says INSERT SLIDESHOW. Click that.

[slideshow] has been added to your post. That is now a slideshow of all of those graphics you just uploaded. Tada!!!

Now since MY site is a WordPress.org site, you can view my slideshow here . Just a few of my favorite things. =)

If you ever come across a page that has a long black oval bar, and no slideshow? Simply refresh your screen, and it’ll pop up.

And that’s it my little chickadees! So much to learn, but Woodie’s here to help!

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