Moving from Blogger to WordPress – It’s Time – Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceSo, you’ve been thinking about moving to WordPress eh? You’ve played with Blogger and decide it’s time to move on, bigger and better things. Kind of like when you got stuck with all those Beta tapes when everyone else went VHS.

Well, no more. I’m sneaking from my burrow to share a quick tidbit or two. Thank goodness for warm weather in Iowa, or there’s no way you’d get him from in front of his fireplace!

So, first of all, go to and sign up. Ah ah ah! Before you starting whining- Woodie HOW do I sign up, read here…
WordPress for Non-Techies
Once you’re signed up, then go back to your blogger account, and click export blog from the Settings/Basic tab.
Save this file somewhere super duper important. No, not there. Not there either! Yes, there…that’ll do it.

Now go to your brand spanking new site you just opened up.
Go to Tools> Import and choose Blogger. (see how easy this is?)

Now on the next screen, it says Have a Blogger export file? Well, of course you do!

Remember where you hid it? Click the browse button, find it, then click Upload file and import.

On this next screen, make sure you tick this box.

And th-th-th-that’s all folks. =)

Now if you’re thinking of moving from Blogger to

That’s a whole different bunch of pansies. Stay tuned for another episode of . . . dum dum dum!!!! Woodie knows WordPress!


6 Responses to “Moving from Blogger to WordPress – It’s Time – Woodie knows WordPress”

  • I can’t wait for the next one! I did this a month ago ( and it was pretty simple. I’m sure there are things I didn’t do right, so I’m looking forward to finding out how to fix them! Woohoo!

    • Woodie:

      Way to go Lesann! Going from Blogger to WP. org is going to be in one of my upcoming posts – you rock!

  • Ahh, this is awesome, Carrie! I’ve been dissatisfied with Blogger for months but it’s hard to “just do it”. Or maybe it’s me – I’m a procrastinator.

    The process seems so simple but can something go wrong so I have to revert it back to Blogger and upload again? Also, what’s going to transfer and what won’t (readers’ comments)?

    I assume the followers and subscribers will have to “re-follow” and re-subscribe to my brand new, shiny WordPress blog. Is there an easy way to let them all know?

    Thanks, Carrie.

    • Woodie:

      Angela…your comments etc move over as well. Some formatting needs to be fixed, some links etc, but the last two I did were a breeze. The easiest way to change it over is to start your WP site, make sure it isn’t available to search engines, and then check your posts that you’ve transferred. Do this on a weekend or days that you normally don’t have posters on your blog. When you’re ready, make the announcement on the blogger site that you’ve moved, and then you can leave the blogger site as an archive, or delete it – but if you do delete it, remember you’ll lose all the graphics you’ve stored there!

      if you’ve got blogger followers via feedburner, you just have to change your feedburner account settings. I’ll write an article soon on how to change your RSS feed on blogger to WP….it’s a bit too long to post here by itself!

    • Woodie:

      ps…if you OWN your own domain name? you’ll have to redirect it to the new URL!

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