Ping Pong Pingbacks – Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceEvery now and then, if you’re like me, someone takes note of what you’ve been blogging. Ok, it happens alot with me because frankly, I’m brilliant. =)

And modest.

So let’s talk pingbacks. What the heck are they? Why do I get notified of them? And are they from outer space?

One at a time, little grasshopper.

First, a pingback is a like a little calling card. Say I write a brilliant post (and I do) and Willie from Tecumseh thinks it’s just swell. And Willie wants to tell all his other friends. So, he posts a link to it on HIS blog. Immediately, behind the scenes small elves telegraph the information….okay, you aren’t buying that? lol….good for you. But behind the scenes Willie’s blog informs my blog that he’s posted a link-virtually connecting us together and doubling our viewing audience. So pingbacks are a GOOD thing.

Why do you get notified? Because sometimes, someone links to your blog and you don’t WANT them to. Or they use the information out of context, making you look bad. Now you can track down the link, and go ninja woodchuck on them, making them take the link back down.

And finally, no my ginormous friends. They are not, I repeat not, from outerspace. =)

Enjoy your pingbacks, approve them and go visit the little darlings. Make a few of your own!

Off to the flower patch!

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