Press This? What does that mean? Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceYou know how sometimes you’re surfing the net and you think – hey! that’s super cool! I want to link to that/use that/quote that on my own blog!

Well, my little peeps, let Woodie show you how.

On your dashboard, under Tools, there’s a little bookmarklet called Press This. You’ve probably glanced at it a few times, thought what the heck? and then continued on your merry way.

Right? right.

Let’s put that puppy to work for you eh?

You’re going to put your mouse over the Press This button and drag it, yesssss I said drag it, up to your tool bar. It’ll settle in there quite nicely.

You’re probably asking…..”So? Now what?”

I’m here to tell ya. =) Pick a blog, any blog. Say, even this one. Now highlight the text in this paragraph, then click on your Press This button. A window will pop up with the text you just highlighted. So? Hang on, young padawan. If you look closer, you’ll also see that this is a post you can post on YOUR BLOG.

Here, I’ve selected a bit of Nancy Nicholson’s post, as you can see highlighted below the popup window. It appears right in my posting window, with credit to Nancy’s blog. I can choose a category and post it immediately, or save it as a draft and add more to it later. If I don’t highlight any text at all, the link will appear in my post.

I can ALSO add in photos, by going to the Upload Photos and waiting a few seconds. The pictures from Nancy’s post will appear, and I can choose to add one in.

This is perfect if you’re wanting to add in a recipe or a story. Yes, it can be used for Evil Purposes as well, so make sure you’re crediting the blog you’re linking from! But all in all, a handy tool!

There, now you’ve learned something new! Time for a little petunia for breakfast.

Nom nom nom

14 Responses to “Press This? What does that mean? Woodie knows WordPress”

  • This would be fantastic, if I could get that little thing to move. I get the cross hairs that say, yep, I can drag and drop, but it just doesn’t want to go anywhere. Any suggestions?

    Oh, and how cool is that? I recognized my pictures before you said it was my blog. Pretty awesome. Now if I could just get that to work for me…..

    • Woodie:

      Nancy, when you go to drag it, do the cross bars turn into a circle with a line through it? or does it not drag at all? If it’s the circle, keep dragging until it gets to your toolbar, then let go!

  • I’ve often wondered what the point of Press This was. I basically ignored it up until now because it didn’t seem relevant. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • I’m saving this info for later, since I’m planning to switch to WordPress from the pesky Blogger hopefully soon. Thanks, Carrie!

  • So glad Natalie’s mashup led me to your blog, Woodie! (My WordPress blog will THANK you…trust me. ;)) Eager for more fab posts. But first, must find me some chocolate. (Yep, been perusing your other posts, too.)

    • Woodie:

      Hey August! Nice to meet you! =) Yes, this blog features silly videos, lots of chocolate and then of course the coup de grass – me. =)

  • Gee, Carrie…thanks for this! I never got around to asking you what “press this” meant. What a convenient feature. It’s better than the clumsy cut/paste that seems to only work part of the time.

    Please thank Woodie, too. The two of you should teach a workshop.

  • I think I say this every time I get a Woodie post, but I love Woodie. I never have the time to play around on WordPress and even when I do, I’m afraid to screw something up!! I love these posts and had no idea you could do this!! Awesome!!

    • Woodie:

      Jillian, Press This won’t screw anything up, promise! It WILL make a post if you hit publish, but if you save as draft – not a problem!

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Woodie, I love you! All these mad WP skillz you’re teaching us? Makes it all so simple.

    Thank you, Woodie! Eat another petunia, you deserve it.

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