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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceDidja ever wonder how people get those cool pictures next to their names in blog posts? It’s called a Gravatar, and Woodie’s here to give you a short and sweet (just like me) lesson on how to get one.

First, you’ll need to pick out a fun image to use as your Gravatar. Some people swear by using their personal photos, others like something cute and adorable. (Once again, just like me.)

Next go here Click the log in/sign up button. Then click sign up.

Enter your email address. Once you get your confirmation email, click on the link and you’ll be taken back to Gravatar.

Create your username and password, then click signup.

Now you can add your image. Choose where you’re getting the image from – if you have one already live on a website you can use that one by pasting in the URL, or upload one from computer’s hard drive.

The next screen shows how your graphic is going to look in the “small view” which is pretty much all anybody sees. Move the light colored box around until you show as much of the image as you desire, then click Crop and Finish.

Tadaaaaa!!! It’s beautiful.

One last thing that’s vitally important. Check G rated. If you are not a G rated Gravatar, it will not display on all sites.

To change your Gravatar, go back and sign in, choose add new image, and off you go! Easy peasy pudding and pie.

You’re done! Time to grab some nice Brussels sprouts and have a little nibble.

10 Responses to “The Gravatar – Woodie Knows WordPress”

  • Linda Burke:

    You always have such interesting information. Thank you.

  • Thanks for this Woodie/Carrie! My “tech file” from you is expanding quickly!

  • Bless You Carrie, I love the information Woody (you) impart.

  • Brussels sprouts?

    This is one of the few things I figured out. Okay, so it was totally by accident, but I did it. Still, I’m bookmarking this page for the future when I want to change my Gravatar because I really don’t know how I did it in the first place.

    • Woodie:

      Even if it was by accident Tameri, you look spectacular…..and yes, woodchucks loooooooooove Brussels sprouts! and daisies. And entire hydrangea bushes. =)

  • Carrie, I tried over and over to ensure my avatar is G-rated but I couldn’t find where this is located?

    • Woodie:

      Tiffany..this is straight from the Gravatar site

      Many sites only support displaying avatars with a rating of G. If your avatar is rated as too explicit (you get to set the rating yourself) it will not be shown on sites that do not support that particular rating. The check tool ( will show you what your gravatar might look like for all ratings. If you wish to change your images rating, simply hover your mouse over the image in the list at the bottom of your manage page, and you will see the rating appear in black. Click on that rating, and choose a new one from the next page. As always give it a bit of time for the new rating to take effect!

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