The Ins and Outs of Copy and Paste – Woodie Knows WordPress (and more!)

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings all my non-woodchuck friends! Spring is in the air and a woodchucks thoughts turn from sleeping and hibernating to FOOD. Luckily Carrie keeps a pretty good stash of cat treats just inside her door, so I help myself whenever I get the munchies.

Today, we’re going to talk about copy and paste – both how to use it in WordPress and in life in general.

Copy and paste is a HUGE skill to know. You can copy part of an email, paste it into a new one and send it along to a friend. You can copy part of your manuscript and paste it in another section. You can actually copy from Word or another webpage and paste it into your WP site without ending up with gobble-de-gook.

First, run your mouse over the text you want to copy. It will turn a lovely shade of blue.

Now there’s two ways to copy. One, on your browser go to Edit/Copy

Or on your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key (look for it, I promise it’s there!) and the letter C.

Hmm….nothing happened.

Well, technically it did, it’s just invisible. You have now copied your highlighted text onto your computers clipboard. The clipboard holds ONE item, and one item only. It can be 300+ pages of writing, or one sentence, but it’s still, only that ONE item.

Now to prove something really happened, click in a blank email, document or text file. Got it? Now go back up to Edit and choose Paste.

For you guys who love keyboard shortcuts, you’ll click Ctrl and the letter V.

Tada! Your highlighted text is now pasted into a new document. Slick eh?

But what if I want to copy from Word into WordPress? If you’ve ever tried this, you KNOW you can get some mighty weird results. Luckily, WP can help.

Copy your post from Word, then in your VISUAL editor window in WordPress click on the Word button.

A little window will pop up. Click once in the window, then paste your document by using Ctrl+V into the window. Click insert. The window will close and your document will be stripped of the ugly CSS formatting Word uses, yet keep most of your formatting. Occasionally it drops the ball and misses a bit, so always double check. You can use this button also if you’re pasting from a web page to still retain the links and paragraphs. Right next to the Word button on your visual editor is the Paste as Plain Text button.

If you have a web page or document you want to paste without any formatting at all, this is the button to use. Say a web page has bold and colored text, lots of underlines and graphics. Copy it, then click this Plain Text button, click once in the pop up window, Ctrl+V and paste it in there. Click insert and voila, it now allows you to add your own formatting while stripping out the code that makes your posts go wonky.

To add a few more tidbits into your copy and paste experience, here’s two more keyboard shortcuts I bet you’ll use a lot.

Ctrl+A – This means Select All. Click once in your document, click Ctrl then the A keys on your keyboard, and your entire document will be highlighted, ready for pasting.

Ctrl+X – This will Cut your highlighted words and put them on the (invisible) clipboard. Highlight a bit of text, click the Ctrl key, then the X key on your keyboard. Poof. The highlighted text is GONE….or is it? It’s on your clipboard, never fear! You can click anywhere in your document or post, then click Ctrl+V and whomp! there it is! This is great if you’re moving scenes in a manuscript!

So there you have it, my non-furbearing friends. Copy, Paste, Select All and Cut. Go forth and Paste!


6 Responses to “The Ins and Outs of Copy and Paste – Woodie Knows WordPress (and more!)”

  • I’ve used copy/paste forever but don’t think I’ve ever made use of Ctrl-X. But now I will!

    I have a WordPress question: how do I add the Like It button to my posts? I downloaded a plugin called Like It, but it doesn’t show up. I’d like to have it since some times folks would rather click “like” instead of making a comment.

    • Woodie:

      Bridgette, if you’d like to contact me via email at carrie @ smartassromance dot com I can probably help you with that!

  • Hola Woodie!

    I never knew about the shortcuts either or what the plain text button was for. What are you doing with that extra hour of daylight? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • my extra hour I’m out eating eating eating! That hibernation thing is tough on a poor woodchuck! Spring is in the air….and maybe….romance. =)

  • I write my blog posts in One Note and cut and paste to the website from there. So are, knock on wood, I haven’t had any issues with formating. I’m wondering if One Note is mostly plain text. After the post is up and running I send it to Word for Safe keeping.

    • Woodie:

      One Note is mostly plain text! If you aren’t having issues with the copy and paste – keep doing it! =)

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