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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceWhat amazing March weather we’re having here! Blizzard one day and basking in the sun the next. Gotta love farm life!

Some of you have asked for help on a few things other than WordPress and always willing to lend a helping paw – here I am with help on Track Changes in Word.

If you’ve ever exchanged manuscripts with a critique partner, you probably know about track changes. If you’ve ever received a manuscript that’s been marked by an editor, it will contain the same colored balloons and highlighted changes.

On my version of Word – an older one – I go to Tools>Track Changes. Please Note: These instructions vary depending on your version of Word!!!

When the small button next to Track Changes appears depressed, Track Changes is ON. You can also turn on Track Changes by clicking Ctrl+Shift+e on your keyboard. This works on all versions of Word.

Another way to tell if Track Changes is on, is to see if TRK is highlighted in the bottom panel of Word.

Generally, when Track Changes is on or even once it’s been activated, your Reviewing Toolbar will appear.

Now, to add some color to your Track Changes and how the changes are handled, you go to Tools> Options> Track Changes OR depending on your version of Word, it might be Tools> Track Changes.

The way mine is set up now, if I insert a change directly into a sentence, it will be underlined. If I insert a comment, it will be in red. Comments will be balloons, 2.5″ inches wide on the right hand side. If I print the document, the balloons will print as well. (Yes, of course I’ve tried it – and it works!) If I change a line of a work I am critiquing, a small black line appears on the outside margin of that paragraph.

In this little box, you can make all sorts of changes. Have blue balloons. Have them appear on the left. Or make them purple. There’s lots of ways to make your Track Changes a bit different. Don’t like the light blue color? (and you won’t….) Switch it to red. Eye popping red. Like an editor would.

To add a comment balloon, click once where you’d like the balloon to appear next to, or drag your mouse over a paragraph or area you want to comment on. Click on Insert>Comment. A small balloon will appear, waiting for your words of wisdom.

To delete a comment balloon, right click on it and choose Delete Comment.

Okay dear friends, grab your commenting balloons and get to work! Hup hup hup!


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