Wedding Bells are Ringing!!! A Photo Album by Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings my friends! Woodie here with some BIG news!

Perhaps you noticed I wasn’t here last week – =) Well, I’ll hope you noticed! Instead I went on a small vacation with Wilhelmina and well – I popped the question! It was all so romantic – I gave her the ring on a bouquet of petunias and went down on two knees. =) And she said yes! We took a quick trip to the magistrate and voila! I’m now a married chuck!

First, I invited all of our friends

Then, I picked out the perfect flower…

Then, my best man drove me to the magistrates office

this is the cake topper for the cake Carrie made for us…she’s a doll…

After the wedding, we went to the local hall for a party. Here’s Uncle Will cutting the wedding cake

We had some great snacks for everyone…

And we partied until the cows came home..

Some a little toooo much

The following morning, Carrie served breakfast

Wilhelmina and I dressed in our honeymoon clothes

and we took off for …well, the honeymoon location is a secret. =)

Thanks for taking a few moments to share our happiness together!

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