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Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings boys and girls – Woodie here with more fun stuff you can do with WordPress! Today, we’re going to show the WordPress.org users how they can add social media to their posts. WordPress.com users? Go ahead and check out last weeks post on sharing.

Okay WP users, we’re going to add a plugin to our repertoire, this is simple and painless. Promise!

On your dashboard go to Plugins>Add New

In the search box type the word Sociable.

At the very top of the page, the Sociable plugin will appear, with an Install Now button below it.

Click install and say yes when it asks if you are sure. You’ll have a few seconds here where you can run for a potty break or grab a quick snack while it installs….

And we’re back.

Now you’ll see this on your screen

Go ahead and click activate plugin.

Now on your dashboard, just below settings you have Select Sociable Plugin. Mouseover that and click on Select Sociable Plugin. Now you’ll have two choices – one gives you a “skyscraper” with the icons listed down the side of your post. The other is the classic view that you can put at the bottom (or top) of your posts. Lets go through the classic view.

Underneath the above icons you can click get Classic View.

Now we’ve got some options.
Preview – shows how it will look on your screen
Tagline – it’s set to say Be Sociable, Share! But you can change it or delete it entirely. I also unclicked the box that links to Sociable, but I like less clutter.
Icons to include – Be careful here. The more you choose, the more cluttered your layout. Start with a few and see how it looks. Uncheck any you don’t want to use.
Icon size – mine are 16×16 but experiment
Icon Style – again, a personal preference and easy to change

Locations – Aruba! The beach! The sand! The – ahem. Sorry, got carried away for a sec…..=) Ok, locations is all about where you want those buttons to go. On mine, I clicked the first four, but again – click some, then go check and see what it looks like! You’re the boss!

General options – if you’re uncomfortable with styling your own buttons, just leave this as is.

Active Sociable Classic – make sure this one is checked then click the big green box that says SAVE CHANGES.

And that’s it. You are now up and running to share your posts with the world. Isn’t that a good feeling?


I’m off for the rest of the day, there’s a certain young woodchuck I can see behind the hedges over there. I think she’s giving me “the look.”

Hubba Hubba.

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